How London Escorts Keep Out of Danger

London escorts should learn about certain tips to have a good time working as one. If you are new in this business, then check out these things that you should be aware of in your dealings. Check this post out. Girlfriend London escorts

  1. Avoid men that use various emails, aliases and names as well as contact numbers.
  2. Avoid clients that do not confirm their visit after the booking. You should be aware of this to avoid any frustrations. You should receive a call before his arrival, too.
  3. Avoid men that tell you not to use a taxi or a driver to get to his place. You should be careful when dealing with people that do not want witnesses.
  4. Check for some danger signs such as drugs, alcohol, drug paraphernalia and stings. You should take a look around when you arrive at his location to check for some possible dangers.
  5. Don’t ask for money for your gas. Never go to his place without having enough fuel in your car. You may get stranded yourself if you do.

Definitely, working as an escort can be really adventurous. If you have chosen to take this direction though, just always be careful and practice good judgement. Learn more safety tips to work as an escort today!
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